Holey Moley US Season 3 Preview & Aussie Champion, Mark Duncan


June 16th, 2021

47 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

The grand champ of Holey Moley in Australia, Mark Duncan, joins Pat & Tom to talk about winning it all down under as part of our preview for Season 3 of Hole Moley in the United States. Before chatting with Mark, the hosts preview and play a game guessing what is ahead for Season 3 on some of the new holes.

Get prepped for double header that kicks off on Thursday, June 17th and learn about what it takes to conquer the wildest course in the world. Recaps and more will be coming each week following new episodes.

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Episode Hosts: Tom (aka Mr. Tee) of A Couple of Putts I Pat of The Putting Penguin
Special Guests: Mark Duncan, Holey Moley Australia Season 1 grand champion