Twenty Bucks He Eats It | Holey Moley US S3 E3 Recap


June 30th, 2021

15 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

We're into the second week and third episode of season 3 and the show is starting to his its stride for the season (both the TV show and us). The putting may have been a little off this episode but the stlyings of Tess and Riggle certainly were not and we saw some of our biggest obstacle completions so far. We also find out why you always think through the name of your podcast lest it come backto haunt you in national television.

Pat gets everyone excited for Season 3 of the Putt18 World League in News, and he updates the Putting Penguin Power Rankings On Design Time, Tom spends some victorious time looking at Agony of Defeat.

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Episode Hosts: Tom (aka Mr. Tee) of A Couple of Putts I Pat of The Putting Penguin

Holes Ep 3- No Apparent Fear of Death: Holey Matrimony | Agony of Defeat | Turfing USA | The Fishing Hole | Ho Ho Hole | Corn Hole | King Parthur's Court
Competitors Ep 3: Gennessa Ewald | Bruce Rosenberg | Justin Rhoane | Nikki Wantz | Peri'don Castille | Alex Phillips | Rachel Lentsch | Averee Dovsek