Bears...Bears...Bears! | Holey Moley US S3 E9 Recap


September 17th, 2021

31 mins 2 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

It's the last episode before the final and our hosts are excited to see who is going to fill that final spot to play for $250,000. Tom and Pat also look back at all the winners and both give their power rankings as to who they think have the best chance of sinking the putt for the $$$.

Tom looks back at a lot of holes from this season, including a deep dive into Parcade for Design Time. Our hosts also spend some time talking recent tournaments and hyping up a few ones on the horizon including the first announcement of a new tournament hosted by your hosts and our friends that will be happening in Myrtle Beach at Mt. Atlanticus on October 8th & 9th!

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Episode Hosts: Tom (aka Mr. Tee) of A Couple of Putts I Pat of The Putting Penguin

Holes Ep 9- The Classic Dipsey Doodle: Agony of Defeat | Dutch Courage En Fuego | Donut Hole | Turfin' USA | King Parthur's Court | Hole #2 | The Distractor
Competitors Ep 9: Shane Stine | Matthew Wukman | Tyler Gattoni | Emily Faulkner | Chelsea Bearce | Alyssa Waite | Brian Wilbor | Ray Adame